We know that breakfast isn't just a meal, it's a moment that connects people to the start of a new day.

As a traditional bakery that became the epicenter of the perfect morning, we present a new chapter in the BreadWorks story - where every detail, from the fresh aroma of breads to your cup of coffee, is thoughtfully designed to celebrate the morning experience.

Our effort to bring a new visual identity to Breadworks wasn't just aesthetic, it was transformative. The chosen color palette evokes the warm and familiar feeling of a traditional bakery, where everyone is welcomed with open arms. The green and beige hues so familiar at Breadworks flow gracefully into our packaging and visual elements. The symbol is bread and a sun intertwined, it's not just a visual landmark; it carries the message, represents the tagline "bake my day" - an invitation for each person to allow our food to brighten their day. Furthermore, it embodies the beauty of a new dawn, where the rising sun inspires everyone to wake up and embrace the joy of a full breakfast.

Every detail of our brand is an expression of our passion for quality baking and the tradition we carry. A distinctive graphic on our brand, representing flour, plays a vital role in telling the story of our commitment to exceptional bread. It is a tribute to the fundamentals of artisanal baking. This element adds an artisanal and nostalgic touch to our visual identity.

The stickers that make up our visual identity not only enrich aesthetically, but also create a language of recognition. Every detail plays a key role in telling our story and beautifying our visual identity.

We are proud to introduce Breadworks' new visual identity - an ode to our passion for artisanal baking and tradition.​​​​​​​

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