A small coffee shop dedicated to providing a comprehensive experience space for coffee lovers, serving exclusive products and high quality coffee. They are passionate about what they do and seek to involve the community in this movement. Dripd is a small coffee startup, a fast and smart concept that always strives to bring new ideas to the industry. They have experience in roasting and selling coffee, in addition to creating mixed drinks that people enjoy, they also offer signature snacks such as toast, cookies, desserts in general. The brand appears to bring together all the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years in search of quality delivery to its customers.

They needed a visual identity that represented the values ​​and essence of the brand. Our mission was to come up with an interesting, friendly, fun, attractive and cool look. The public is coffee lovers, students, adventurers and people who pass by casually.

The work consisted of creating a brand identity that conveyed relaxation, but also had a touch of seriousness. We set shades of blue as the main colors + black and white. Simple, cool and serious. The general look was developed from the development of the logo and the illustration of a main character for the brand. We combined a timeless and fun logotype with a main character holding the coffee cup and also donuts, which are the coffee shop's flagship. Other illustrations were also developed to compose the brand's developments and also to expand the possibilities of use and expression. 

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