Enter a world where happiness flies, where the joy of indulging in delicious waffles meets the whimsy of a floating magical experience. Floated is a waffle house. They serve breakfast, the specialty is waffles, accompanied by good coffee, but they also serve other cakes and homemade desserts.
Floated's goal with the new branding is to promote a sense of closeness with its customers, creating an irresistibly charming and captivating experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Logo, colors and typography:
The logo, designed in a handcrafted, cursive style, further reinforces the ethereal theme. With a subtle slant, it captures the essence of floating itself, as if hovering effortlessly in space.
The choice of sweet, vibrant colors enhances the overall visual appeal, creating an atmosphere that resonates with the brand's captivating universe. The typographical family chosen further reinforces the brand's attributes, we seek something captivating, friendly, as close to the customer as possible.

Supporting elements/characters:
We created a captivating visual identity, meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of floating. Through a series of illustrations, you will find characters suspended in a perpetual state of happy levitation, they represent the heart and soul of the brand, promoting a connection between customers and the joyful atmosphere, conveying the feeling of lightness.
Our characters, which we call "floaters" invite you to embark on an adventure like no other, where floating becomes a metaphor for the joy and satisfaction that each experience and each dish served brings.
"It's hard to find a breakfast food as universally enjoyed by young and old as the waffle. Waffles are always a treat that wows as much as it nourishes. A waffle is like a blank canvas and can be transformed into a variety of culinary delights that are ideal for anyone! Waffles are perfect for any situation, whether it's starting the day or kicking off the party.”


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