With vast experience and technical knowledge, Reddots is a software/product/web development company, offering specialized services to meet the needs of emerging and mature companies. Providing solutions from initial design through launch and ongoing maintenance. The company's focus is to serve technology companies and startups, helping them to achieve their goals and stand out in a highly competitive market.

The Reddots logo combines dots, the initial "R" and human representation, emphasizing that the customer is at the center of everything we do, demonstrating commitment to the success of your business and your customer's customer. The typography of the logo is minimalist and a "dot" element was also used as details on the letter "r" and "t".

Colors and typography:
The color red, which was certainly based on the name "reddots", represents energy and dynamism. By combining this color with white and black, we transmit sophistication, elegance and professionalism. This color combination creates a perfect balance between visual attractiveness and corporate seriousness, demonstrating its ability to offer high-level technological solutions for your company. Our title and backing typography conveys professionalism, technology and modernity.

Support elements:
Reddots mission: Take your company from one dot to another.
Based on the company's mission, we use dots as the main graphic element, representing the connection between different points of success and the continuous movement that the company takes to its customers.

Graphics in the form of dots symbolize movement, growth and connection between different points of success. Each dot is a visual representation of the steps we have taken together to achieve the success and evolution of your business. These elements are carefully placed and arranged, conveying a sense of balance, harmony and fluidity. The arrangement of dots creates an attractive and modern visual composition, while maintaining simplicity and readability.

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