Coffee, beer, good food, friends, games, music, fun.

That perfect place to meet friends, work during the day, have a coffee to start the day and at the end of the afternoon, when night comes, the space transforms into a lively bar with music and game event nights.

It's a cafeteria space with a few other food and drink options. The main point is that it is a place aimed at people who like to play. All project items, logo, colors, patterns, packaging were inspired by the name "The Glitch". We seek to bring this aesthetic to the project, this is fully connected with the proposal of the place.

They roast the coffee and brew their own craft beer. We sought to arrive at a visual identity and packaging that faithfully reflected the personality and aesthetics of the brand. For the labels, we brought neon colors to separate the types of coffee and beer, the label stands out a lot from the monochromatic theme of the brand, calling the attention of those who see it.

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